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July 16, 2011


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I've read one of hers, other than In Her Shoes, which was decent. The other one, I can't even remember the title but it was one where this woman was over weight and she had a baby and she walked all her weight off because the baby was in the NICU or something. I really did not like it. It was simply to cliched and predictable.

The jelly looks delish. One of my most favorite teachers in high school gave me some really good advice. She said to do everything you could before starting a project like writing. Clean your room, the car, run errands, etc. because then once you start on what you actually need to do, you won't come up with some silly little thing to do to distract yourself. It's worked well for me because I am a champion procrastinator. So I think you are just doing what you need to do to be able to focus.


You know--that's so true. I have a hard time working if something isn't right, like if the room I'm in is really disorganized or messy. I have to fix it before I can get the stuff done. I also feel like it's kind of a reward in reverse...I do the fun stuff first and then work.

You read Good in Bed, which I also did not like. I thought it was cliched and quite weird. The whole thing about her going into early labor because the new girlfriend pushed her in the bathroom, and then she could never forgive them despite sincere apologies...such weird anger.


Her books are cliched to death, and not as good as they should be considering her awesome pro-woman writers stance, but I like them too. I really liked her second last book Fly Away Home and I loved Good Night Nobody.


I'm trying to remember which Jennifer Weiner book I read...could it be Good in Bed? I remember something light and funny and generally entertaining. Which is good for hot August days. Your jam looks divine!

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