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July 12, 2011


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My reading always seems to slow down in the summer since there are so many things competing for my attention -- and I don't even HAVE KIDS YET.

Thanks for inspiring so much of my reading list last month (I didn't connect the dots that you left the Gillian Flynn comment on All & Sundry's blog -- coincidence!) I put her other book on hold at the library, can't wait to get it. It looks creeeeeeeepy! :)


It is SO creepy. But very good. I feel like her head must be an extremely twisted place.

I have to thank YOU for reading all of the celebrity memoirs for me! I am waiting for your Jesse James review...I just don't think I can pick that one up from the library, but I am dying to hear the good parts.


Other than kids books I haven't read anything. That Wilder life looks interesting. I never got into the Little House books as a child but I want to read them to the girls someday. You have me very intrigued by these Sarah Waters novels. I may have to check them out when I get home from my holidays.


It is so hard to read with little kids around. Which is a big reason why my reading list consists of nothing too difficult! I look at these other book blogs with their 30 books in 30 days Europeans in translation challenges and I can't imagine when I will ever have the time to do that. Someday, maybe. Have fun on your vacation!

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